November 16, 2021

[REPLAY] CERES (VV20) launch on 2021/11/16

Vega orbited CERES, 3 CERES Earth observation satellites for French defense applications. Launch on 2021/11/16 at 10:27 AM (Paris time).

ceres launch (VV20)

  • Satellites: CERES (3 satellites)
  • Client: CNES for DGA (Direction Générale de l'Armement)
  • Launch time: 6:27 AM (Kourou time) - 10:27 AM (Paris time)
  • Broadcast : 6:00 (Kourou time) - 10:00 (Paris time)


ABout ceres

The objective of the CERES (CapacitÉ de Renseignement Électromagnétique Spatiale) military electronic intelligence mission is to gather signals intelligence from areas that surface sensors cannot reach, free from airspace overflight constraints and in all weathers, thus providing an in-depth situational picture to support conception and execution of military operations.


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